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At Blue Horizon Medicals we've been doing nothing but arranging blood tests for patients since we started in 2009. Your blood is our top priority, but we don't forget that you (the ideal container for your blood!) need to know what is going on with your kit, sample, and results at all times. We are well versed in standard blood testing logistics, and if the situation regarding your blood test seems complicated to you, rest assured that this is something that we specialise in. Let us assess your needs and give you the choice of how to arrange your blood test.



Once you have placed an order for your chosen kit, we will send it straight out in the post to you by First class mail. You are welcome to call at any time for advice and assistance on

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Core Wellwoman Screen


A Very Popular Health Screening profile for Women that focuses on Critical Core areas of your Health - Heart Disease, Diabetes, Ovarian cancer, Bowel Cancer, Liver, Kidneys, Iron, Thyroid, Inflammation & Vitamin B12.

£79.00 *


You save £60.00

Core Wellman Screen


Focusing on core areas of your health. Diabetes, Heart Disease, a test for Prostate cancer, a bowel cancer check, a liver check, kidney check, Iron check, Thyroid Check, Inflammation check and Vitamin levels.

£79.00 *


You save £60.00

Comprehensive PLUS V Health Screen


  • Over 45 Medically Relevant Tests
  • Reduced by £40 this month
  • Free nurse visit or hospital phlebotomy
  • Use coupon code " serious "


£159.00 *


You save £40.00

Thyroid Multi Hormones

Abnormal levels of sex hormones can reduce the effectiveness of Thyroid hormones - this may result in the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, despite apparently normal thyroid blood tests. This new profile tests both Thyroid function AND sex hormones.

£199.00 *

New Thyroid Check PLUS FIFTEEN

Our most comprehensive postal Thyroid Test only available as a vacutainer kit due to volume of blood required.


£249.00 *

Thyroid Check PLUS TWELVE (With Reverse T3)

We are happy to support the Thyroid community by introducing the Thyroid Check PLUS 12 to the UK. Everything in the PLUS 11 and also REVERSE T3.

The Turnaround Time for this test is: 2-3 Weeks.

£189.00 *

Adrenal Fatigue Analysis Blood Tests


A highly relevant set of blood tests looking at adrenal fatigue, investigating pituitary and hormonal inputs, which if not related directly to adrenal function, are definitely interlinked.

£99.00 *


You save £30.00

New Salivary Cortisol x 4


Getting 4 x Cortisol Saliva readings throughout the day can give insights into daily Cortisol Production and gives a useful insight into Adrenal Fatigue.

£129.00 *

Athlete Hormone Check PLUS


A full sports performance bloodwork evaluation for the serious athlete. Everything in the Athlete Hormone Check, PLUS - FSH, TSH, FT3, FT4, LH and a full blood count.

£199.00 *

Athlete Hormone Check


This profile was requested by a national athletic group, but its numerous inclusions will make it relevant for both athletes and non athletes alike. Tests for Hormones, Kidney Function, Liver Function, Lipids and Iron.

£139.00 *

Vitamin B12 Advanced Profile


This profile is a little gem, giving so much information about red blood cell health –including normal AND active B12. Be more confident of your true B12 status with this profile through finger prick or vacutainer.

£99.00 *

New Salivary Cortisol x 6


Take advantage of the great offer to get this for just £79. Having 6 Seperate Cortisol Saliva readings throughout the day gives greater insights into daily Cortisol Production and gives even more insight into Adrenal Fatigue.

£209.00 *


To help bring attention to World Thyroid Day, Blue Horizon Medicals have created the most powerful thyroid test in the world. It even comes with a free nurse visit anywhere in the UK.

£299.25 *

you_can_trust_blue_horizonYou can Trust

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