Offers and Promotions

Offers and Promotions


The new year is an ideal time to take stock of the state of your health, and at Blue Horizon Medicals we are making it easier than ever before. Simply order one of the featured health screens below online or over the phone, and we'll conduct your phlebotomy free of charge, wither at home, or at a BMI hospital.

Use coupon code "freephleb" at checkout, choose "nurse visit" or "BMI Hospital" as delivery method, and you'll get your phlebotomy visit of charge!




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Comprehensive PLUS V Health Screen


Our Comprehensive PLUS V is the best value blood based healthcheck available in the UK today. This week, you can obtain it with a free nurse home visit. Stay home, let Blue Horizon come to you!


£199.00 *

Athlete Hormone Check PLUS


A full sports performance bloodwork evaluation for the serious athlete. Everything in the Athlete Hormone Check, PLUS - FSH, TSH, FT3, FT4, LH and a full blood count. Free Nurse visit for blood collection this month.

£199.00 *

Adrenal Fatigue Saliva and Blood


This test combines 4 saliva tests for Cortisol with six adrenal related blood tests, giving more insight into adrenal fatigue than blood or saliva alone.

£179.00 *


You save £20.00

New Thyroid Check PLUS FIFTEEN

Reverse T3 Prices are going up!

Apply coupon code THY50PP for £10 off. Then return sample to lab by Friday 24th for 40 Pathology Points worth £40 more!


Investigating plasma insulin levels, HbA1c levels and magnesium levels may provide further insight into thyroid symptoms or feelings of fatigue.
This test requires Fasting, minimum 8 hours, maximum 12 hours with a Turn Around Time of 2-3 weeks.

£249.00 *
Includes GP referral & comments
Includes UN3373 Bio Packaging