Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Private blood tests in Northern Ireland available online from Blue Horizon Medicals.



"Hi there, My name is Paul Harris and I am the founder of Blue Horizon Medicals - Let me show you SEVEN WAYS that Blue Horizon Medicals can help you access private blood tests in Northern Ireland!

Finding a way to get your own blood tested, without already having a GP referal can be very difficult, but by choosing to obtain your pathology needs by going though Blue Horizon Medicals you are able to choose between a home finger prick kit or a vacutainer kit. With a vacutainer kit we can arrange a visit to your nearest BMI private hospital to have your blood drawn, or if it suits you, arrange a nurse home visit for your blood test so you don't have to prick your own finger. If postal blood tests don't appeal we are also able to arrange a referral to a Spire or Nuffield Hospital, or send you directly to a patient service centre in London for extra speedy service! Enjoy the read, give the team at Blue Horizon a call at any time on 0800 999 1110 if you would like any assistance.

Best Wishes, Paul."

1.Finger Prick Blood Tests in Northern Ireland


Did you know that you can prick your own finger at home and send the sample to our Laboratory using pre paid envelopes that we supply? Testing is probably easier and cheaper than you might think and if you fail to get an adequate sample then we simply refund you or give you an option to upgrade to a professional collection method at a local private hospital or even send a nurse to you.


2. Our Nurses will visit your Home in Northern Ireland.


Introduced in 2016, the Blue Horizon Nurse Visit Service covers absolutely all of Northern Ireland, and includes your home or your place of work, whichever is most convenient for you. Once you have ordered the blood test that you want online we'll send it to you by post and one of our nurses will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to visit you.


3. Northern Ireland Private Hospitals


If you're not keen on pricking your finger with a safety lancet or don't need a nurse visit we can arrange for you to attend the following BMI hospitals are the closest for you. The charge is just £35 on top of the cost of your blood tests. Having your blood taken at a private hospital can give you more of a clinical and calm environment than home!




4. Ask your own Doctor or Nurse


Many of our patients are able to use a local phlebotomy service either free of charge or at a nominal charge. If this is the case we can simply send you a vacutainer kit with everything in, and the Doctor/Nurse uses the kit to draw your blood into the supplied vacutainer. Then you just need to send the blood back in the normal post using the freepost bio-envelope supplied.


Other Blood Testing Services by Blue Horizon Medicals.

All of the services outlined above rely on the postal service not just to send the kits to you, but also to get your blood back to the Laboratory.This is fine for the majority of tests on this website but sometimes a test that you require will have special handling requirements such as freezing, a need to be spun down by a centrifuge, or have a need for immediate testing. In these situations, and also where turnaround time cannot be reliant on the postal service we recommend that you speak to us about the other services that we can offer you. For speed we recommend our London Service, but we have some good profiles available through 60 Spire and Nuffield Hospitals across the UK.



Most Popular Blood Tests in Northern Ireland

The blood tests that you can see below are amongst the most popular that are currently offered by Blue Horizon Medicals. Please call us on 0800 999 1110, email us at or use our contact form if you would like to know any more about arranging Private Blood Tests in Northern Ireland.