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We no longer offer Labrix saliva tests. Blue Horizon Medicals now provide UK based saliva tests for Cortisol, and blood tests for other hormones, adrenal function and hormone testing and in our view give a better insight into hypothallamic, pituitary and adrenal processes, giving a more complete picture than adrenal fatigue testing alone. Please call if you require further information.

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New Salivary Cortisol x 4


Getting 4 x Cortisol Saliva readings throughout the day can give insights into daily Cortisol Production and gives a useful insight into Adrenal Fatigue.

£129.00 *

Adrenal Fatigue Analysis with Cortisol


A highly relevant set of blood tests looking at adrenal fatigue, investigating pituitary and hormonal inputs, which if not related directly to adrenal function, are definitely interlinked.

£129.00 *

Adrenal Fatigue Saliva and Blood


This test combines 4 saliva tests for Cortisol with six adrenal related blood tests, giving more insight into adrenal fatigue than blood or saliva alone. Free Nurse visit for blood collection this month, use coupon code " freephleb ".

£199.00 *

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