Athletics & Sports

Athletics & Sports


At Blue Horizon Medicals we screen a lot of athletes and sports people, both professional, amateur, and casual. The levels of health screening vary - we have conducted basic full blood count and Ferritin checks for football clubs for UEFA qualification, and more in depth investigations where organisational or personal budget allows. Knowing your bloodwork levels can help your coach decide upon training levels and nutritional status and your training can be altered accordingly. 

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Basic Athletic Check


A Full Blood Count with Ferritin is commonly asked for by sporting bodies as a basic health check to ensure the safety of athletes.


£59.00 *

Athlete Hormone Check


This profile was requested by a national athletic group, but its numerous inclusions will make it relevant for both athletes and non athletes alike. Tests for Hormones, Kidney Function, Liver Function, Lipids and Iron.

£139.00 *

Athlete Hormone Check PLUS


A full sports performance bloodwork evaluation for the serious athlete. Everything in the Athlete Hormone Check, PLUS - FSH, TSH, FT3, FT4, LH and a full blood count.

£199.00 *

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