Thyroid Blood Tests

Thyroid Blood Tests

Blue Horizon Medicals offer a wide range of Thyroid Blood Test Profile Kits  - we are recommended by both The Thyroid UK Charity and the Thyroid Patient Advocacy service, which are both fantastic resources for those that are interested in their thyroid function. Thyroid UK have asked us to make it a little easier to select a test so we have created a table for you - they have been split into three levels - Basic Thyroid tests, Intermediate Thyroid Tests and Advanced Thyroid Tests. The number after the PLUS indicates the number of tests that are tested in that profile - so the Thyroid Check +6 has 6 inclusions, and the +15 has 15 inclusions.


Request your thyroid tests from Blue Horizon Medicals, the household name for home thyroid testing.



Basic Tests ( +1, +2, +3 ) - Basic Tests are usually available for free on the NHS - although NHS thyroid tests are usually limited to definitely TSH, usually FT4, and rarely FT3. Test frequency may also be restricted. If you are already on thyroid medication it may be useful to know your FT3 levels to monitor dosing.

Intermediate Tests ( +6, +10 ) -  These profiles look at thyroid antibodies, which may be present before the standard parameters start going out of range. Patients with raised thyroid antibodies will often have symptoms of thyroid disease. The PLUS TEN also looks other factors which may mimic thyroid disorders.

Advanced Tests ( +11, +12, +15 ) - These start to look further into thyroid issues and may not be needed by everyone. The +12 and the +15 include Reverse T3 meaning that only vacutainer collection is possible.


Level Of Testing Basic Interm Advanced
Test Names +1 +2 +3 +6 +10 +11 +12 +15
TSH Only
FT4 (Free T4)  
FT3 (Free T3    
TT4 (Total T4)      
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies      
Thyroglobulin Antibodies      
Ferritin (Iron Storage)        
Folate (Vitamin B9)        
Vitamin B12        
C Reactive Protein        
Vitamin D (25 OH)          
Reverse T3 (RT3)            
  +1 +2 +3 +6 +10 +11 +12 +15
Can be Done by Fingerprick    
Can be Done by Blood Draw


Need to know more about finger prick blood testing? Download my free finger prick blood testing guide here! Free_Guide_to_finger_prick_blood_testing If you have any questions, call "Team Blue" free of charge at Blue Horizon Medicals on 0800 999 1110 or email - Paul Harris, Founder of Blue Horizon Medicals.


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To help bring attention to World Thyroid Day, Blue Horizon Medicals have created the most powerful thyroid test in the world. It even comes with a free nurse visit anywhere in the UK.

£299.25 *

New Thyroid Check PLUS FIFTEEN

Our most comprehensive postal Thyroid Test only available as a vacutainer kit due to volume of blood required.


£249.00 *

Thyroid Multi Hormones

Abnormal levels of sex hormones can reduce the effectiveness of Thyroid hormones - this may result in the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, despite apparently normal thyroid blood tests. This new profile tests both Thyroid function AND sex hormones.

£199.00 *

Thyroid Check PLUS TWELVE (With Reverse T3)

We are happy to support the Thyroid community by introducing the Thyroid Check PLUS 12 to the UK. Everything in the PLUS 11 and also REVERSE T3.

The Turnaround Time for this test is: 2-3 Weeks.

£189.00 *

Thyroid Check PLUS ELEVEN


Vitamin D Deficiency has been linked with Thyroid Dysfunction in several ways. This profile adds it to the Plus Ten.

The Turnaround Time for this test is: 1-2 Working Days.

£99.00 *

Thyroid Check PLUS TEN


Adding Vitamin B12, Folate, Ferritin and C Reactive Protein on top of the PLUS SIX tests make this an excellent Thyroid Profile.

The Turnaround Time for this test is: 1-2 Working Days.

£79.00 *

Thyroid Check PLUS SIX

Our original Advanced Thyroid Profile. 

This profile is the cheapest to include Thyroid Antibodies as well as TSH, T4, free T3, free T4.

Antibodies tested: Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies and Thyroglobulin Antibodies.

The Turnaround Time for this test is: 1-2 Working Days.

£69.00 *

Thyroid Check PLUS THREE


The inclusion of Free T3, along with TSH and Free T4 make this test very popular for those wanting to closely monitor their Thyroid condition.


£49.00 *

Thyroid Check PLUS TWO (TSH & FT4)


The inclusion of both TSH and FT4 in a Thyroid Test gives a better basic insight into thyroid function than TSH alone.

£39.00 *

Thyroid Check PLUS ONE (TSH)


The standard NHS Thyroid Test - A high level of TSH generally means an underactive Thyroid Gland, and a low level an overactive Thyroid Gland.

£29.00 *

Private Blood Test for Free T3


If you have got NHS Results for TSH and FT4 but your Doctor cannot test FT3, then this test will give your Doctor information on Medication Adjustment.

£29.00 *

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Thyroid Patient Stories


I just used one of your finger prick kits, to get some up to date blood testing of my Thyroid, B12, Vit D etc. I have a lack of free time, (with a business and 2 children) and it can be difficult to get an appointment at my GP's, and I would prefer not to spend any more time in a doctors surgery. I liked the convenience and speed of the finger prick test which was delivered quickly, took only a few minutes to do and I had the results back very quickly too. The "tips" sheet you  provided was very also very helpful.


Eleanor, Cheshire



The lab my GP surgery use would not test everything I needed to have an informed diagnosis, so in May this year I looked for alternatives through Thyroid UK and BH came highly recommended.

Once I'd pricked my finger the blood flowed brilliantly for about 2 seconds! No need to panic, following the instructions, I then massaged my finger to get the flow going again & was able to fill the capsule. Posted off, I was amazed to get my results 2 days later! Brilliant service & I have recommended it to so many others since, because it is so simple & quick.


Linda, Nottingham



I have done a fingerprick test before (Thyroid Plus 10) and eventually managed with some difficulty to get enough for the test. My results came back much as expected comparing to a previous GP test so I don't think I messed up completely!

I think all of us on the thyroid forum feel confident in what Blue Horizon offers so feel comfortable with the finger prick testing.

Susie, Gwynedd






I like to use your finger prick tests for my thyroid blood panel because I can choose the day and time, it is very easy to do and I get the results back quickly by email, so I can print them off. You offer a range of tests and the price is very competitive and you support the Thyroid UK charity. Keep up the good work.

Ingrid, West Yorkshire