Fingerprick Patient Stories

Fingerprick Patient Stories


I just used one of your finger prick kits, to get some up to date blood testing of my Thyroid, B12, Vit D etc. I have a lack of free time, (with a business and 2 children) and it can be difficult to get an appointment at my GP's, and I would prefer not to spend any more time in a doctors surgery. I liked the convenience and speed of the finger prick test which was delivered quickly, took only a few minutes to do and I had the results back very quickly too. The "tips" sheet you  provided was very also very helpful.


Eleanor, Cheshire



I much prefer to do a finger prick test in my own home. It doesn't hurt! It's quick and the turn round is fast.

It is also a cheaper way to have a blood test, rather than have to scout around looking for someone to take blood privately (I live in South Devon).

The nearest place is over 10 miles away so you can see this is not at all convenient. I hope you will continue to provide finger prick tests.


Lisa, Devon



I much prefer the finger prick! I am needle phobic and find doing it myself at home so much less stressful... Well not really stressful at all after doing it a few times.

SO thank you for enabling me to do it myself.


Linda, Somerset



The lab my GP surgery use would not test everything I needed to have an informed diagnosis, so in May this year I looked for alternatives through Thyroid UK and BH came highly recommended.

Once I'd pricked my finger the blood flowed brilliantly for about 2 seconds! No need to panic, following the instructions, I then massaged my finger to get the flow going again & was able to fill the capsule. Posted off, I was amazed to get my results 2 days later! Brilliant service & I have recommended it to so many others since, because it is so simple & quick.


Linda, Nottingham



I have done a fingerprick test before (Thyroid Plus 10) and eventually managed with some difficulty to get enough for the test. My results came back much as expected comparing to a previous GP test so I don't think I messed up completely!

I think all of us on the thyroid forum feel confident in what Blue Horizon offers so feel comfortable with the finger prick testing.

Susie, Gwynedd






I like to use your finger prick tests for my thyroid blood panel because I can choose the day and time, it is very easy to do and I get the results back quickly by email, so I can print them off. You offer a range of tests and the price is very competitive and you support the Thyroid UK charity. Keep up the good work.

Ingrid, West Yorkshire



I prefer using the finger pricker method purely because I am a needle-phobe and using a finger pricker is so much less stressful. I feel in control and it’s just a tiny prick. Also I have chronic lower back pain and getting out to the surgery isn’t always possible, and early appointments to collect blood on an empty stomach are pretty much impossible. By having finger prickers I can carry out the blood collection at home with minimal stress.

Barbara, Worcestershire