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Private Blood Tests Blue Horizon Medicals

Blue Horizon Medicals - Arranging Private Blood Tests for Patients since 2009.

 You can trust Blue Horizon with your Blood Tests!

Your blood is our top priority, but we don't forget that you (the ideal container for your blood!) need to know what is going on with your blood test kit, sample, and results at all times.
We are professionals in standard blood testing logistics, and if the situation regarding your blood test seems complicated to you, rest assured that this is something that we specialise in. Let us assess your needs and give you the choice of how to arrange your blood test. 

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Once you have placed an order for your chosen kit, we will send it straight out in the post to you by First class mail, or if you prefer, next day delivery.
You are welcome to call at any time for advice and assistance on 0800 999 1110 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.
Have a look at our most popular blood test profiles below, browse by type of test, or use the search bar above.

You can trust Blue Horizon with your blood tests.
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