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Chest Investigation

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Investigation of Chest Wall Pain

Chest Investigation

It is difficult to be certain what is causing your son's pain without seeing him - but the history, duration of symptoms, and negative ECG, do suggest costochondritis to me also.
Alternative diagnoses might include chest wall muscle strain, pleurisy (essentially chest wall inflammation associated with a lung infection), myocarditis or endocarditis (inflammation of the heart).
Any heart related problem would generally show signs on an ECG, and if it was endocarditis or myocarditis, the patient would generally be more unwell than you have described him as being.
Blood tests that can show recent heart muscle damage include CK-MB (peaking at 48hrs), lactate dehdrogenase and troponin. Creatinine kinase levels rise if there is any muscle inflammation (including heart). CRP levels are useful pointers to inflammation from some cause - but are non specific.
If your son continues to improve I do not think testing is essential. However, if you wish to be certain there has been no acute heart or other muscle injury or inflammation, I would suggest, in order of preference:
Troponin levels - these peak at 48hrs and return to normal 5-14 days after the injury.
CK (with CK-MB fraction) - peak at 24hrs and drop to normal after a few days....CK is a general test of muscle damage, CK-MB is specifically heart muscle. But troponin testing is probably more reliable.
CRP - decline to normal a week or so after the problem subsides.
I hope this helps - but if he is improving steadily, the likelihood is that the doctors he has seen were right and that the illness was not a serious one.
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