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Private Health Screening TEST KITS

Both Finger-prick and Professional collection available.

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Health Screening

  • Wellwoman Finger-prick
  • Wellman Finger-prick
  • PLUS V by Vacutainer
  • Healthscreening kit by post
  • Full instructions provided
  • Friendly advice 0800 999 1110
  • Send sample to our Lab
  • All packaging Included
  • Optional GP Comments

Health Screening test kits by post

The Comprehensive PLUS V, an incredibly valued private health screening profile.

Since we introduced the Blue Horizon PLUS V Health Screen in November 2012 we have helped tens of thousands of UK residents access private blood tests across the UK. We try to offer good value across all of our blood testing profile, but the value offered by the PLUS V, which is only offered by Blue Horizon Medicals, is difficult to beat. The profile represents a robustly comprehensive package of medically approved blood tests that will give you a very high degree of clinically relevant information about the state of your health.

Relevant Inclusions that your NHS Doctor will recognise.

We only include clinically valid tests in the PLUS V (as with all of our profiles), and the analysis is conducted at accredited laboratories that the NHS themselves use. You will get the actual quantified report from the laboratory which will report on a full blood count, a full lipid panel, a Kidney function panel, an anaemia check, a diabetes check as well as the usual inclusions in a biochemistry panel. On top of that the test also alerts you to your vitamin level status by reporting information such as Folate, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D, as well as your Thyroid status through TSH and FT4, and also an advanced Iron status profile by testing your levels of Ferritin and HbA1C. Additionally it will check for inflammation levels within your body by checking for either ESR or CRP.


Core Wellman and Core Wellwoman. Finger-prick Health Screening with a free FOB stool test.

Both our Core Wellman and Core Wellwoman Health Checks are available as finger-prick kits meaning that they can be conducted at home by yourself as an alternative to the expense of having your blood drawn professionally. Aiming for quality of tests as opposed to quantity both of these options remain focused on key areas of health importasnt to men and women living in the UK today. They also come with a laboratory analysed FOB (faecal occult blood) stool test kit which screens for blood in your stool - the prescence of blood may be indicative of early signs of bowel cancer. Regular FOB testing reduces the risk of dying from bowel cancer by 16%.

Health Screening Explained

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Other Blood Testing Services by Blue Horizon Medicals.
All of the services outlined above rely on the postal service not just to send the kits to you, but also to get your blood back to the Laboratory.This is fine for the majority of tests on this website but sometimes a test that you require will have special handling requirements such as freezing, a need to be spun down by a centrifuge, or have a need for immediate testing. In these situations, and also where turnaround time cannot be reliant on the postal service we recommend that you speak to us about the other services that we can offer you. For speed we recommend our London Service, but we have some good profiles available through 60 Spire and BMI Hospitals across the UK.