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Sexual Health BLOOD TESTS

Screen yourself for Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

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Sexual Health

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STD test kits by post

Getting yourself tested for sexually transmitted diseases is both discreet and easily achieved with Blue Horizon STD test kits.  Our UK STD CHECK testing profile will test you for many infections at once, gathering much needed information with one blood draw, saving you time and uncertainty.


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Other Blood Testing Services by Blue Horizon Medicals.
All of the services outlined above rely on the postal service not just to send the kits to you, but also to get your blood back to the Laboratory.This is fine for the majority of tests on this website but sometimes a test that you require will have special handling requirements such as freezing, a need to be spun down by a centrifuge, or have a need for immediate testing. In these situations, and also where turnaround time cannot be reliant on the postal service we recommend that you speak to us about the other services that we can offer you. For speed we recommend our London Service, but we have some good profiles available through 60 Spire and BMI Hospitals across the UK.